Choosing a material for an outdoor sign is a careful balance between looks, cost, weight, and durability. We will listen carefully to your needs, guide you through the options, and put our years of experience into making you the perfect sign for your application.

Our vibrant full color prints are sure to get your sign noticed, and with additional options such as UV, abrasion, and graffiti resistant lamination you can be sure your sign will continue to look great.

A lightweight PVC board ideal for long-term indoor or outdoor signage mounted flush on a wall.
A metal-faced panel with a solid plastic core to reduce weight. Great for long-term indoor or outdoor signage.
A lightweight foam material, best used for short-term indoor graphics.
A rigid plastic board available in a variety of thicknesses to suit your project. Good for backlit signs, sign boxes, and wall mounted signs. Weather resistant and versatile.
A flexible and nearly unbreakable plastic board. Great for backlit signs, and any location where impacts can be expected such as baseball fields and other sports arenas.
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