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Applique Banners

When artisanal quality and maximum durability are required, nothing comes close to the look and feel of a hand-crafted Appliqué banner. Traditional and textured in appearance, Appliqué flags and banners last for generations. An artform heavily reliant on hand craftsmanship, the Appliqué process involves sewing of custom cut pieces of nylon fabric onto a nylon background for timeless results. Pricing starting at $199.

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Timeless Elegance

The applique technique outdates all other flag and banner manufacturing techniques we utilize, and for good reason. This process requires knowledge and skills acquired only through experience and being able to offer it truly sets us apart from other companies. These premium banners harken back to a time when quality and tradition were paramount - an ethos we proudly carry forward.

Hand Made in the USA

Applique banners are hand-crafted with great care. Our highly skilled seamstresses have decades of experience to bring your custom piece to life.

Uncommon Artistry

It's increasingly rare these days to encounter products that prioritize the end result over the bottom line. For those who demand the utmost quality, applique can't be beat.

Metflag's custom applique banners hang at the Wells Fargo center, honoring greats like Allen Iversion
Metflag crew poses behind giant applique banner honoring Moses Malone


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