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Whether a step and repeat design or a single show-stopping image, backdrop banners offer a giant canvas for the background of your event, display, or photo op. Demand attention, celebrate sponsors or create a clean look for photographs with MetFlag printed backdrops. Choose from our selection of hardware for easy set up and take down.

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Moments to Remember

Almost all high-profile events share one thing in common - a stunning backdrop for attendees to pose in front of with friends to document the occasion. There is perhaps no greater value for event sponsors or hosts than the exposure these viral moments provide.

Set the Tone at Pressers

A press conference without your organization's logo just doesn't carry the same weight. Get your message out loud, clear, and with authority.

Pull away from the Crowd

Backdrops at crowded trade shows or exhibits can help set you apart from other vendors and draw visitors to your booth.


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