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Gym/Championship Banners

Gym & Championship banners are a true mark of athletic excellence and school pride. Celebrate landmark achievements, amplify school spirit and honor team accomplishments while elevating the appearance of your gymnasium. Alternatively, consider harnessing the power of sponsorship banners to generate revenue to help support your Athletics department.

Note - these are our PRINTED Gym Banner options. For Applique Gym Banners, visit the Applique Banners page!





4' x 6'

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Metflag's custom applique banners hang at the Wells Fargo center, honoring greats like Allen Iversion

Celebrate your Legacy

You've done the hard part - won a championship, broken a record, or made your mark - now it's time to add an exclamation mark. Commemorate your team's past while giving the next generation a benchmark to strive for.